What Our Patients Say

“The entire staff here in amazing!! I first found them through a google search for sleep apnea, looking for an alternative to a cpap. I also wanted to find out more about veneers after spending 40+ years with jacked up teeth since I had to have my braces removed early before I went to boot camp and grinding my teeth at night. After the initial consultation with Dr. Dunwody and a cleaning, (thank you Martha!) we decided to do the veneers and then get fitted for the sleep appliance after that. Dr. Dunwody and her crew are amazing at what they do. Not only did they “restore” my smile and give me incredible sleep, they have changed my life!!! My entire life before now has been smiling through closed lips and struggling with poor sleep for many years. Today I smile proudly thanks to my new pearly white grill from Dr. Dunwody and Jennifer!! I’m also able to get through the day not feeling sluggish and lethargic due to sleep apnea. I have never felt so rested when I wake up as do now. It makes a huge difference in the way I feel, I don’t know how I got through life before this sleep appliance. Thank you to Dr. Dunwody and the entire staff at Montz and Maher Friendswood for forever changing my life and how I feel!!”

-Robert Fee