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Snoring mouthpieces from Montz and Maher Dental Group can help Pearland and Friendswood patients stop snoring.What Causes Snoring?

Snoring can be embarrassing, fatiguing, and lead to family conflicts. Before you can stop snoring, you need to first understand the reasons why you snore.

Snoring is often the result of high-speed airflow through a narrow airway. When air has to force itself through a tight airway, it elongates and stretches the surrounding tissue, resulting in vibrations.

For many people, snoring is a sign of a deeper issue called sleep apnea. Those with sleep apnea experience airway collapse and erratic breathing patterns. These sleepers wake up frequently throughout the night as a result.

Most people with sleep apnea are completely unaware of their condition. If you’re a regular snorer, play it safe, and schedule an appointment with us.

“I came here for Sleep Solutions that I heard about from Cowboy Dave on 100.3 to help with my annoying snoring. Turns out I had really bad sleep apnea!! Dr Montz and his team from the moment I was greeted worked together from diagnosis to fitting of my wonderful mouth piece. Now I am sleeping so much better and much quieter. This is so much a better option than CPAP. Highly recommend!! I loved them so much that I now go there for my dental care too which was all wonderful from the cleaning to fillings and I drive from League City. Just a great group of people.”

– Jamie West, Sleep Apnea Patient

Effective Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment

Manvel patients who were able to get help with snoring in Pearland.Once we know the cause of your snoring, we can proceed with treatment. There are a variety of effective treatment options for snoring and sleep apnea, including:

  • Snoring mouthpiece: A custom-fitted mouthpiece will keep your airway open while you sleep. You should wear this snoring mouthpiece all through the night, just like a mouthguard or retainer. It will support your jaw in a forward position to promote snore-free breathing.
  • CPAP therapy: For a severe case of snoring (usually caused by sleep apnea), patients may opt for CPAP therapy. The CPAP mask is worn over the nose or mouth during sleep, and provides airway pressure to ensure easy breathing throughout the night.
  • Lifestyle changes: some patients are able to stop snoring just with basic lifestyle changes. Improving hydration and hygiene, changing one’s sleep position, losing weight, and avoiding alcohol and drugs can all reduce chronic snoring.
  • Surgical alternatives: For some snorers, surgery is the best option. Surgeries usually involve removing or tightening the loose tissue in the throat, but there are other methods as well.

Regardless of the type of treatment you need, the important thing is that you take the time to seek treatment. Sleep apnea can lead to a plethora of more serious health issues, so it’s important you get the care you need as soon as possible.

Invest In Your Health

If you’re ready to stop snoring, contact our office today! We take pride in our excellent service and successful treatment options. We would love to offer you the treatment that you need to stop snoring and get the rest you need!